About iOS Developer Mode

Developer mode was introduced with iOS 15. When developer mode is turned off, you cannot develop apps using the actual device, such as installing and debugging an app under development. This article explains how to turn on developer mode.


Why was the developer mode introduced?

The development function for developers allows them to install apps without going through the App Store. This is an essential function for app development, but for general users, it is a case where apps are installed in a way that they normally are not. The developer mode was introduced to prevent attacks that abuse these developer features.

How to turn on Developer Mode

Operate as follows.

Open the “Settings” application and go to “Privacy & Security”.
Go to "Privacy & Security"
Go to “Privacy & Security”
Go to “Developer Mode”.
Go to "Developer Mode"
Go to “Developer Mode”
Turn on and tap “Restart”.
Turn and tap Restart
Turn and tap Restart
Tap “Turn on”.

After restarting, an alert will appear asking if it is OK to turn on developer mode. Tap “Turn On” to turn on developer mode.

Tap “Turn On”

Display in Xcode

If you open the “Devices and Simulators” window in Xcode with developer mode turned off, a message will appear stating that developer mode needs to be activated.

To use iPhone13Pro for development, enable Developer Mode in Settings → Privacy & Security.

Xcode 14 Device and Simulators Window
Developer mode must be turned on.
Developer mode must be turned on
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