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I am an software engineer, a programmer and love the software development.

In the world of software development, where new technologies are created every day, the professionals must continue to study.

In this blog, I have been published that I learned, so this blog is a tech blog.

The web site of my work and my book is here. -> RK Kaihatsu

About This Blog Theme

I would like to write about an software development including an application development in general in this blog.

It is not only about coding, but also about data creation, tools and much more. I will include topics that you may think, “What does this have to do with programming tips?”. When creating an softwares, it is not only about code, but also about data, data creation methods, algorithms, information, knowledge, mathematics, computer science, electronic circuits, standards, law, finance, accounting, marketing, art, design, documentation and many other things.

If you are an individual developer, you may have felt this.

I am interested in a wide variety of subjects. Whenever time permits, I spend my non-working hours learning about the things that interest me. You colud say that learning is now my hobby. However, it is also true that it leads to my work and is useful for my work.

This blog has been closed once. Before it was closed, I tried to write only about things directly related to programming, such as coding and debugging. However, there are many other things that I myself am working on. I wanted to write about those things as well, so I decided to write about them in the blog after reopening, without the restrictions such as before.

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