How to create the Apple ID’s app-specific password

You need the Apple ID to develop Apple Platform Applications such as iOS and macOS apps. The permissions for the Apple Developer Program are also assigned to the Apple ID.


What is the App-specific password?

You need to generate an app-specific password for scripts that use services authenticated with multi-factor authentication.

Multi-factor authentication uses an account name, password, and a one-time code to authenticate the user. The one-time code is sent by SMS or generated by the generator.

However, automated scripts will be hard to authenticate with such methods. Therefore, you can generate a password dedicated to the script and authenticate with it. This password is called an “App-specific password”. When you authenticate with the app-specific password, the one-time code is not used.

You can delete the app-specific password anytime, after which scripts, programs, and services can no longer access your account.

You can create an app-specific password for your Apple ID.

How to create the app-specific password

To create the app-specific password, follow these steps.

Open the Apple ID account page.

Open the following URL.
Click the “Sign in”.
Navigate to the website and sign in with the Apple ID for which you want to generate an app-specific password.
The “Sign-In and Security” page will open.
and Security Page
Click the “+” button.
Click the "+" button to add an app-specific password.
Enter the app-specific password name, and click the “Create” button.

Enter the name which represents the role. For example, “notarytool”.

Enter the name of the app-specific password.
Enter the password, and click the “Continue” button.
Enter the account's password.
The app-specific password is generated. You must save it.

The app-specific password cannot be displayed again, so you must save it.

The app-specific password is generated.
Click the “Done” button to close.

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