I am interested in developing a Swift version of MultiTextConverter

There is a macOS application called MultiTextConverter that the author previously developed and released as freeware. Its main functions are conversion of text encoding of text files and conversion of line feed characters.

It is available on the RK Kaihatsu website.

I think the first version was developed when the author was a student, around 1998. At that time, the Mac OS was still System 9 (or maybe Kanji Talk when I started development), and Mac OS X did not exist.

This MultiTextConverter has actually been reworked several times.

Version 1.0 : Metrowerks CodeWarrior PowerPlant + C++
Some Version : Xcode + Objective-C + AppKit + C++ (Original implementation including conversion to UTF-8)
Some Version : Xcode + Objective-C + AppKit + C++ (Text encoding conversion process changed to CoreFoundation function)


What if it were today’s technology?

For the past few years, I have only been dealing with GateKeeper (code signing) and Notarize (notarization).

Several times, I felt the urge to rebuild it in Swift, started working on it, got busy in the process, and stopped.

But what would the code look like if it were reworked using current technology, such as SwiftUI? What parts would be easier to implement? I was interested in this.

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